Want to collaborate with us?

What can we bring to the table?

  • LED Displays
  • Equipment

What we are looking for in you?

  • Committed management and sales organization
  • The ability to invest in starting up the cooperation
  • The ability to provide after sales services (support and training)

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Do you have Any Questions?

How does it work?

Easy! Once we approve your application, you will receive a unique affiliate link and access to our marketing kit. All you need to do is place your link banners in your product reviews, social media and on your website. Each time you refer a new customer to us and that customer makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

How Much Can I Earn As An Qioya Affiliate?

The sky’s the limit! Some of our affiliates earn more than $100 on a weekly basis.

How Long Will A Customer Be Attributed To My Account?

Occasionally, it may take your customer a couple of days to make their purchase. No worries, we will make sure you have that customer locked-in for 30 days

Is There A Minimum Payout Threshold?

Yes, we pay our affiliates in bulks of at least $100. We choose not to deal with any lower amounts.

Do I Need To Be An Qioya Customer?

Not necessarily, however, the more familiar you are with Qioya products, the easier it will be to sell.


How Do I Get Paid?

When submitting your application, we will ask you to fill in your PayPal account. We will pay you directly to that PayPal account. We can also do bank transfers depending on the country you are in.


When Do I Get Paid?

We have a 30-day refund policy on our product. Following the clearance of the purchase, we will pay you within 30 days.

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